Getting the most out of your candle

Candle Care and Burning

Pillar Candles (Skulls, Unicorn, etc)

MysticSky pillar candles are made from a blend of Soy wax and RSPO (Responsibly sourced) Palm wax, with some added paraffin for hardness. 

Palm and paraffin wax provide a harder wax than soy, which is otherwise too soft for satisfactorily burning free-standing candles. We found that adding these waxes to harden reduces the occurance of the candles 'leaking' which gives a safer and longer-lasting candle. With that said, most pillar candles not made from paraffin and with an non-flat surface have this tendency. 

To counteract this issue, we recommend burning all pillar candles on a designated plate or tray, and keeping an eye on the first burn of the candle. Once the candle starts to make a tunnel and leak the wax, blow out the candle and seal up the hole with the leaked wax and leave to cool and re-harden. Be careful not to burn fingers!. (leaked wax can be placed back inside the candle around the wick provided it does not cover the wick). Trim the wick to approx 1cm. After that, your candle should burn for 3-4 hours at a time. If at any time the candle starts to leak again, seal the leak hole again and repeat the process.

Container Candles (Geos, Travel Tins, Mosaic etc)

IMPORTANT - Do not allow container candles to burn right down to the bottom of the jar. Glass jars can become very hot and this could result in combustion. Leave a couple of centimetres behind before extinguishing flame.

To preserve the life of your candle, do not burn for longer than 4 hours at a time. Let the candle cool and reharden before relighting. Letting candles burn too long can result in wick problems and the candle burning too quickly.

Burn your candle for the first time until it burns all the way to the edges of the container (approx 1-2 hours). (Candles have a burn memory and will only burn as far as the first burn pool)

Keep wicks trimmed to approximately 1cm or 1/4 inch. This also preserves the life of the candle and prevents the flame becoming too large and consuming too much wax and/or 'mushrooming'.

All Candles

If the Candle is burning unevenly, adjust the wick to the centre of the candle or to where it needs more heat (don't use fingers)

Keep the candle burn pool free of debris and the wick trimmed to approx 1cm - If the wick is too long it will burn too fast and produce smoke.. if it's too short, it won't burn properly and the flame will go out

Keep candles away from sunlight - the sun will discolour candles and take away the scent

Never leave burning candles unattended and keep away from pets, children, and draughty areas

General Candle Information

All container candles are made from natural soy wax. The fragrances are phtalate and cruelty free.

At MysticSky, sustainability and kindness to our furry friends is important. All candles are Vegan Society approved and against animal testing and all forms of cruelty.

MysticSky's uses a blend of soy and RSPO certified palm wax, which means it is sustainably sourced :)

Paraffin is added to the soy and palm waxes to obtain a harder candle for burning purposes. 


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