Information on our scents!

Decadent Coffee

This one tastes just like a freshly brewed pot of strong coffee! Sourced from a variety on the market, this one does not smell like burned coffee, it smells like real coffee and  is divine! A gorgeous blend of vanilla, malt and coffee beans with a hint of buttercream and almond. Phthalate and cruelty free.


Smells just like the exquisite drink tastes like.. if you love the almond icing on the Christmas cake, you'll love this one! Sweet and delicious, with hints of apple, almond and cherry. Phthalate and cruelty free.

Dragon's Blood

This popular scent is a strong incense type fragrance with base notes of vanilla, amber and patchouli, with a hint of fruit punch and orange zest. A unique and magickal fiery classic. Phthalate and cruelty free.

Chai Latte

Smells just like a fresh cup of comforting hot Chai Latte! Yum! ...Base notes of ginger and cinnamon with notes of nutmeg, clove and allspice. Warming, spicy and sweet. Phthalate and cruelty free.

Spearmint Icecream

A delicious fragrance for spearmint lovers with the added novelty of an icecream scent. Base notes of vanilla buttercream and spearmint. Sweet and intoxicating. Phthalate and cruelty free

Grape Bubblegum

Reminiscent of a childhood favourite, with top notes and punchy sweet grape, base notes of bubblegum, and undertones of berries and vanilla. A sweet favourite for grape flavour lovers. Phthalate and cruelty free

Incense and Amber

A smokey, sweet and earthy blend of fragrant pepper and spices, leather, ambered sandalwood, and a hint of green cedar. Calming and grounding. Phthalate and cruelty free.

Chocolate Cherry Pie

A delicious blend of chocolate, cherry, and vanilla buttercream that smells just like a delectable home baked cherry pie. Phthalate and cruelty free.

Jasmine Green Tea

A refreshing blend of green citrus base notes with top notes of sweet and heady jasmine. Just like a freshly brewed cup of your favourite jasmine green tea! Phthalate and cruelty free.

Roses and Jasmine

A sweet and exotic blend of red roses and sweet jasmine for the floral fragrance lover. Smells like a walk in the garden. Phthalate and cruelty free.

Sandalwood and Neroli

An exotic blend of stunning neroli - sweet, overtly floral with hints of orange, blended with the earthy calming aroma of sandalwood. Phthalate and cruelty free.

Mandarin Green Tea

Fresh, astringent and invigorating like a freshly brewed cup of green tea with a citrus mandarin base and sweet green notes. Phthalate and cruelty  free.

Freshly Cut Grass

Smells just like a freshly mown lawn! Fresh, green and lively with subtle earthy undertones, reminiscent of the summertime. Phthalate and cruelty free.

Pineapple Lumps

A kiwi classic, smells just like the iconic NZ chocolate coated pineapple flavoured lollies! A sweet and delicious chocolatey pineapple treat to delight the senses. Phthalate and cruelty free.

NZ Forest

Soft green and earthy with subtle floral undertones of koru, kowhai and pohutakawa. Smells just like a refreshing New Zealand nature walk in the summer time. Phtahlate and cruelty free.


Fresh citrus floral fragrance with a sweet lemony scent and undertones of lily and ylang ylang. Phtalate and cruelty free.


Fresh and delicate floral notes with woody undertones. Subtle notes of jasmine, cashmere and Lily of the Valley, just like the iconic New Zealand native Pohutakawa tree. Phthalate and cruelty free.

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